Cancellation and Refund Policy KMDA

This web portal accepts payment only once against an application up to the fullest extent of the defined payable amount. So refund policy does not apply for payments made and once received successfully in this web portal till the allotments take place. The amount received in this web portal will be credited to the KMDA subsequently within a stipulated time frame. If your account is being debited more than once for same transaction and you want to cancel or refund the additional transaction(s) except the first/relevant/appropriate transaction, you may contact with your bank/card issuer/service provider.

The applicants are neither allowed to cancel a successful payment transaction nor entitled for refund till the lottery/allotment take place. Moreover successful applicants (allotted with a flat/immovable property) are not eligible for refund up to the fullest extent of the money, which has been paid once. Refund of Application Money only to the unsuccessful applicants (not allotted with a flat/immovable property) will be made through electronic fund transfer within 30 days from the date of lottery/allotment. Applicant must furnish a cancelled cheque of one of his/her savings bank account to facilitate refund of application money. The application money will be refunded electronically to the savings bank account of the unsuccessful applicants according to the required banking details mentioned in the cancelled cheque given by them with the application. KMDA shall not be responsible for non refund of application money due to wrong and/or insufficient furnishing of bank account particulars by the applicants.

Please refer the brochure or for more details.